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Reviews of My Workbook

The Chicago Tribune ran a review of my workbook which states, "He knows how to avoid common mistakes people make regarding applying for Social Security benefits. His 38-page booklet (available at, $19.95) contains a great deal of useful information, including a list of retirement pitfalls, along with worksheets to help in your decision-making."

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Chicago Tribune

Relevant Investments, an investment advisory firm, recommended my workbook stating, "In 38 pages he takes the mystery out of the benefit choices we face and guides us through examples in order to make sound decisions."

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Relevant Investments

Social Security Expertise

I provided Social Security advice for material in Money Magazine.

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Money Magazine

Mary Beth Franklin used infomation from me in Investment News on another Social Security question.

I have been quoted in numerous publications and news stories concerning Social Security.

The cost of my book is only $19.95 (includes $1.78 for postage): a bargain to learn how to get the largest Social Security benefits.


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