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Sample of 46 Retirement Pitfalls

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Sample of Social Security Inside Out         Sample of 46 Retirement Pitfalls


How can you have a rich retirement without being rich?

Do you have something enjoyable to do with the Social Security money now? Do you want a motorcycle now or a motorized scooter later?

Late on a Friday afternoon, I took a retirement claim from a man who finally decided to start checks. His wife called Monday morning to inform me that he suddenly died over the weekend.

Will family members qualify for benefits? Usually, they can’t get checks unless you do. Extra money to family members may offset any loss due to early retirement or any advantage from the age 70 bonus.

Read the insider tip in my book that shows you how family members can get checks even when the worker hasn’t retired. Don't miss that free extra money.


Do you live to work or work to live?

Can you use your experience to work as a consultant? You can collect Social Security retirement while using your experience to make extra money. (Remember to take into account the Earnings Retirement Test that is explained in Social Security Inside Out.)

Some former politicians and athletes make more money giving speeches than they ever did running the country or running the bases.

Do you want to start a new business or career? Will you have more energy to start a business at 62 years old or at 70?

At a weekend art show, every artist I talked with had started his or her art career after retiring from a regular job. Is there a Grandma Moses in you?


Are you dying to retire or retiring to die?

When taking into account genetics and lifestyle, what is your life expectancy? Warning: Early retirement before your full retirement age may lower potential widow or widower benefits to a surviving spouse. For example, if you die soon after you sign up for retirement at let's say 62-years-old, widow or widower benefits could be reduced by 25% even though you didn't get any or many checks before you died. If a surviving spouse may outlive you by several years, it may be better not to take early retirement.

Examine your lifestyle. Determine how to improve it to extend your life. The easiest and smartest way to get more Social Security money is by living longer.

Do you have good or bad health habits that will flourish after you retire? Will you finally have time for a nutritious breakfast and morning jog? On the other hand, will happy hour shift from after work to after breakfast without the constraints of a regular job?

Since I retired relatively young, I finally had the time to train and still had the knees to run my first marathon. On the other hand, I have known people who have died from unrestricted drinking after they retired.


Do you really want to live next door to other old people?

Where do you want to live? Make your housing decision on what is more important: family, weather, taxes, housing costs, security, recreation, medical care, cultural activities, educational opportunities, etc. Be careful, that cute little town in the mountains may not have the medical facilities, airport or other services you need at this time in your life.

When I was a teenager growing up in North Dakota, I was “California Dreamin” long before The Mamas and Papas song. When I retired from Social Security, I moved to southern California to hang with the Beach Boys. (Since I never heard from Brian Wilson, I moved to less expensive Oregon.)

Do you want to move to a retirement community? They are usually safer, quieter and less work. However, an “active” senior community may mean residents are still breathing on their own. Check to see if your future neighbors actually use the community tennis court if that is important to you.

Making sure neighbors follow the rules can be the main source of entertainment in some senior housing. Before you move into senior resort living, read the rules to make sure your grandchildren will be able to use the community pool for more than ten minutes every fourth Saturday.


How much fishing can you do?

Will you finally have time to get to those projects that you put off for too long? Maybe you can finally finish your kid’s baby book.

When retired, life is much easier since you can shop, see doctors and get a haircut when everyone else is working. From nine in the morning to two in the afternoon, retired people rule.

Will you still have a purpose in life? Work often dictated your purpose. With work ending, will you have a reason to get out of bed every morning?

When I retired, I felt I should share my knowledge of Social Security by writing a workbook to help people solve the Social Security puzzle. I hope you feel my endeavor was worthwhile.

These are just a sample of the 46 Retirement Pitfalls that you need to address when deciding to retire.

The cost of my book is only $19.95 (includes $1.78 for postage): a bargain to learn how to get the largest Social Security benefits.


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