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Congratulations on taking responsibility for your Social Security benefit. Learn the rules, insider tips and rarely used options that can get you the most money.

You need to know your options before you talk with Social Security. Discover how to get the most money throughout your retirement. Learn how to get the right benefit at the right time.

"Unfortunately, Social Security workers cover just the current check; they will not figure what is best for you over your expected lifetime," explained a financial planner, who bought my book.


You spent many years and lots of money learning your working career; spend 20 minutes and $19.95 to understand the program that will be your financial future when you get retirement, spouse or widow benefits.

"Thanks so much for your great book. I've read it three times and learn something new from each reading."


Learn the facts from an expert. Government workers can be inexperienced, make mistakes and fail to cover all possibilities. Know-it-all friends know less about Social Security than you do.

"I finally got someone at the National Office to agree with you," wrote a reader who benefited from one of my rarely used tips.

ALREADY GETTING CHECKS: Learn whether you are getting all that you are due and what to do if you are not.

LATEST INFORMATION: I constantly monitor the SSA operations manuals for any changes. I last updated my book in November 2016 to include the most recent 2017 changes in law pertaining to Social Security.

QUICK RESPONSE: I will mail your book as soon as I receive your order.

PERSONAL QUESTION: After reading my book, if you still have a personal question, send me an email and I’ll answer your question without charging my consulting fee.

"Thank you for clearing up some of the confusing information that I was receiving," emailed a reader, who said he got a different answer every time he talked with Social Security.

I GUARANTEE IT: If you don’t learn loads of valuable stuff about Social Security, I’ll refund your cost of the book.

The cost of my book is only $19.95 (includes $1.78 for postage): a bargain to learn how to get the largest Social Security benefits.


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(2) Mail a check or money order. Send $19.95, your name and address or print this page and complete the form at the bottom. Mail to Robert Bruce, 7159 NE Rocky Brook St, Hillsboro OR 97124.

Send me a copy of Social Security Inside Out with the free 46 Retirement Pitfalls. I have included a check or money order for $19.95 to Robert Bruce Publications.



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