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About Me and My Book

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My Background

My name is Robert Bruce. I recently retired after working for over thirty-one years in Social Security Administration field offices.

Although retired, I stay current on Social Security laws, rules and procedures by constantly monitoring SSA Program Operations Manuals for any changes.

I no longer represent the Social Security Administration.

Me outside the White House

Outside the White House

My Experience

I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a major in Public Administration.

Then, for thirty-one years, I worked in Social Security Administration field offices in various positions: Claims Representative (interviewing the public and adjudicating claims), Supervisor (training employees and reviewing cases), and District Manager (managing four field offices).

Social Security Inside Out

After retiring, I wanted to continue helping people understand Social Security so I wrote an easy to understand book, Social Security Inside Out.

Because I still monitor Social Security employee manuals, I am able to update my book with any change in rules at SSA.

46 Retirement Pitfalls

From dealing with retired people when working at SSA, I learned the pitfalls that can occur in retirement.

To help others sidestep financial and emotional traps, I put this information into a retirement guide, 46 Retirement Pitfalls, which is included free with my book.


Your privacy is extremely important to me. I will not share your name or address with anyone. If you decide to buy my book with a credit or debit card, your information is protected with encryption through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

The cost of my book is only $19.95 (which includes $1.78 for postage): a bargain to learn how to get the largest Social Security benefits.


(1) Order online using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.  (Click the Buy Now button)

(2) Mail a check or money order. Send $19.95, your name and address or print this page and complete the form below. Mail to Robert Bruce, 7159 NE Rocky Brook St, Hillsboro OR 97124.

Send me a copy of Social Security Inside Out with the free 46 Retirement Pitfalls. I have included a check or money order for $19.95 to Robert Bruce Publications.



Mail form to Robert Bruce, 7159 NE Rocky Brook St, Hillsboro OR 97124.

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